Terms of sale



To place an order, the customer must follow 4 well-defined phases:


  1. Access the "Stock" section to download available "stock list";
  2. Create the order and send it by e-mail or through the form within the stock section;
  3. Enter personal data and send the email containing the order (Bottega Italiana will send the customer an e-mail of acceptance and confirmation of the order with all the details for its finalization);
  4. Send the payment by bank transfer, our IBAN code to make the payment will be sent with the order confirmation.


If for any reason Bottega Italiana is unable to accept the order sent, it will immediately notify the customer.

Bottega Italiana reserves the right to not accept the order, at its discretion, if payment is not made by the customer or the products are not available in stock due to concurrent orders.

The submission of the order implies full knowledge and full acceptance of the sales conditions.




Bottega Italiana relies on the "Ex Works" transport contract. This is a clause by which the seller makes available the packaged goods stored in its warehouse, while the buyer assumes full responsibility for the transport and its costs, both national and international.

In the case of the buyer's request, it is up to the seller to give assistance - at the buyer's expense and risk - in the acquisition of the export license or other documents.